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17 Responses to “1974”

  1. WOB101 Says:

    Und jetzt? Was erwatest du?

  2. lecciaboss Says:

    @WOB101 0:27 – 0:28??????????????

  3. lecciaboss Says:

    0:27 – 0:28??????????????????????

  4. goldyn12345 Says:

    @WOB101 sorry my friend my german isnt too good

  5. WOB101 Says:

    Hätten wir Enten gekauft, wären die Hühner nicht ersoffen wa? =)

  6. goldyn12345 Says:

    @bugauga1 do you agree or disagree?

  7. bugauga1 Says:

    @goldyn12345 L-O-L

  8. Parrambusties Says:

    Lovely hair styles!!!!! LOL

  9. goldyn12345 Says:

    this was the best ever german side in my opinion!!!!! they virtually had the whole bayern munich side!!!!

  10. goldyn12345 Says:

    that match should have been abandoned, the pitch in that semi final was heavilly waterlogged!!! polands pacey wingers gadocha and lato couldnt play to there full potential because the ball kept getting stuck!!! it should have been poland v holland final

  11. Redlightblue60 Says:

    I put out when West Germany lost against East Germany. I don’t know how they could lose that match.

  12. schockwave12345678 Says:

    Der Sepp ist doch da

  13. 91maximus91 Says:

    die beste Mannschaft in der Weltschale 1974

  14. Cuivier Says:

    Wouldn’t be so proud if there was a different ref in the match with Poland. That Austrian should had never referee an international game. What a disgrace thatw as. Poland deserved to win the Cup that year.

  15. johann56 Says:

    look at them how proud they are !!! True 70’s german soccer player.

  16. kapa1902 Says:

    Also bei mir fehlt er nicht…

  17. MathiasRichel Says:

    Ja, ich weiß der Seppl Meyer fehlt. 🙂 M.Richel