1982 Franz Beckenbauer vs World All Star

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5 Responses to “1982 Franz Beckenbauer vs World All Star”

  1. Uwe Ortwich Says:

    The European team was coached by Jupp Derwall who was German team manager
    between 1978 and 1984.

  2. DiegocrYT Says:

    Who was the coach of the European All-Stars in this game? Why the heck did
    he put der Kaiser in the midfield? A star in that position, but a legend in
    central defense.

  3. Pece17 Says:

    WTF Finnish commentary!?

  4. Jubei Kibagami Says:

    were Maradona in this game as well?

  5. thxh Says:

    Maradona didn’t play this game. He was at his career bottom after he was
    expelled from World Cup 82 for the red card.