adidas Football in South Africa with Franz Beckenbauer

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12 Responses to “adidas Football in South Africa with Franz Beckenbauer”

  1. gangzw Says:


    don’t confuse him with your mum 😉

  2. szewei85 Says:

    all hail der kaizer xD

  3. scowlingstickman Says:

    speaks better english than rooney haa

  4. magrev69 Says:

    beckenbauer is a cunt

  5. killor606 Says:

    1:07 … yaahhh
    legendär und einzigartig

  6. auegg Says:

    Herrlich wie er so locker daher redet-fast wie ein Onkel von nebenan- und trotzdem ehrgeizig und erfolgreich ist.

  7. thefootielad Says:


  8. kijijikubwa Says:

    I don’t care much for ZA but this silly putz wanted to take the WC away from them,that he’s a legend doesn’t change anything

  9. ZeeGooner Says:

    germans LEGENDS !

  10. losp1001 Says:

    The legend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. araym7 Says:

    This guy is such a tough MF’er, he once played a world cup match with a broken arm. He is also credited for inventing the “sweeper” position (also know as libero).

  12. JogaBonitofootball Says:

    he’s a legend!