Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer has come out with the astonishing statement that the club are becoming unwatchable under the tactics of new manager Pep Guardiola. The former Barcelona man was brought in the summer to start an era of world domination by the German club. He responded immediately by winning the UEFA super cup and the FIFA club World Cup. Bayern Munich are also top of the Bundesliga table with a significant 20 point margin, which is the highest seen in the German top division at this stage in the season.

The club are also undefeated in the last 50 matches, which is a new top-flight record in Europe. Despite these achievements, Beckenbauer is least impressed because he feels that the tactics of Guardiola to just keep the passing the ball in the bid to control the game is making the club become boring. Bayern Munich won three major trophies last season, but they did not adopt such tactics. Beckenbauer admitted that Guardiola’s tactics were immensely successful at Barcelona, but the decision to dominate matches by the monopoly of possession is not in the ideal way according to the former World Cup winner.

Beckenbauer was a manager himself – and a very successful one at that. Guardiola has responded to those comments by saying that he will accept any criticism that comes his way.

“In the end, it’ll be like Barcelona – unwatchable. They will pass the ball back even on the goal-line,” said the German legend after the 1-1 draw with Arsenal in the Champions League. “Franz isn’t a legend. He is this club’s legend. I have enormous respect for his opinion. I give the very best I can – I did at Barcelona and I do here. I always accept these opinions,” said the Bayern Munich manager, who has already won two Champions League titles as a manager.


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