Beckenbauer Comments On Neymar Injury

The former star of Bayern Munich, Franz Beckenbauer has voiced his opinion in relation with 2014 World Cup incident involving the Colombian defender Juan Zuniga and Neymar. The Barcelona man, Neymar was on the receiving end of a tackle arriving from Zuniga and this has caused uproar in Brazil as the hosts will not be able to watch one of their stars perform in the worldwide tournament as he sustained an injury that will take around 6 weeks to fully recover.

During the quarter-final match of Colombia vs Brazil, it was Brazil the team that managed on coming out on top with the victory but it came at a costly price as Neymar picked up an injury that is not going to allow him represent Brazil in this World Cup any longer.

Juan Zuniga has received heavy criticism lately due to his actions towards Neymar as it due to his heavy and rather unnecessary tackle that will leave the Brazilian star out of the remaining matches of the 2014 World Cup but according to Franz Beckenbauer everything was just accidental.

“As regrettable as the broken vertebra of Neymar is, I have a hard time accusing Colombia’s Juan Zuniga of doing it intentionally. He did hit Neymar in the back with his knee, where it certainly doesn’t belong but to me it looked more like clumsiness’’ Former Bayern Munich player Franz Beckenbauer stated.

The German football coach continued on talking about the importance of Arjen Robben and Manuel Neuer in their respective squads as they have played an important role for their teams during the group stages and quarter-finals of the worldwide tournament and Beckenbauer stated that if those players continue playing at that same high level then they will be nominated as the best players of the 2014 World Cup.

“I am not a prophet, but if Arjen Robben continues to play so brilliantly he along with Germany Manuel Neuer has the best chances of being named best player of the 2014 World Cup’’ Beckenbauer said.

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