The legendary German football player and manager Franz Beckenbauer will play an integral part in helping the city of Kaliningrad host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia was recently awarded the rights to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Kaliningrad has been selected as one of the numerous cities that will be hosting the matches.

A total of 13 cities have been selected for the purpose of hosting the football matches, but the Russian officials have revealed that two cities will not make the final cut. In order to be in the final list, the Kaliningrad city governor has said that they will be utilising the services and experience of the German football manager Franz Beckenbauer in order to prepare them.

Franz Beckenbauer has extensive knowledge of preparing a country ready to host a major tournament like the FIFA World Cup. The former Bayern Munich player was instrumental in helping Germany successfully host to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which is regarded as one of the best tournaments in the recent decades. The Kaliningrad city governor has expressed his confidence that the experience of Franz Beckenbauer will help them make it into the final cut.

“Beckenbauer expressed readiness to provide assistance to Kaliningrad in the preparations for the upcoming World Cup. The footballer promised help as a consultant, in part regarding tourist accommodation. He also rated the convenience of Kaliningrad’s geographical location, between Europe and Russia, highly,” said the city governor’s assistant Anastasia Volnova at a press conference.

Franz Beckenbauer has held a position as the Vice President of the German football Association, which he vacated in 2010. He is currently the president of the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. He has experienced a lot of success both as a player and as a manager with the German clubs and national team.

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