Beckenbauer Wishes To See Germany Against Spain

The legends come out of the shadows when the big league games are being played.

For instance, Franz Beckenbauer is known to be a legendary player of Germany. He thinks that Spain deserves to be opposing Germany in the quarter finals.

The progress of Germany has been good, but there is a long way to go. For instance, Germany has hammered Slovakia with a score of 3-0 and they have successfully entered the quarter finals of Euro 2016. On the other hand, Spain will be playing against Italy and the winner would be facing Germany in the quarter finals. In this context Franz has probably made this remark. The next match lined up for his country is on 3rd July. Being a legend in football himself, he has been talking about his team’s performance and keeping a close eye on the same as the Euro 2016 games are progressing.

Spain would definitely be a more challenging team to play against for Germany instead of Italy. They have been defending champions for two times in this tournament. The European championship tournament is now entering into the high octane rounds. Germany has booked a place in the last eight teams of the tournament.

Their last match against Slovakia was a comfortable win for them, showcasing their form and confidence. This would certainly be the right time to showcase their playing skills against Spain. Also, if they get to play against Spain they would be able to spruce up their skills that would help them to move to the semi finals and work to get better towards the finals. Though these points might be too much away it is definitely important for the current team to take pointers from previous legendary players of their country and to bolster their confidence for taking on more capable opponents and win the forthcoming games.


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