Bayern Munich CEO Franz Beckenbauer has slammed the decision by FIFA president Sepp Blatter over the proposed goal-line technology.

The current FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been unwilling to adopt technology within football saying that it would slow down the game in various levels. This is despite the introduction of many new technologies – especially the goal-line technology, which are far more efficient than the ones seen previously.

Not only are they an extremely fast in coming to a decision, but also conveying them to the referee as well. In the wake of many refereeing decisions that have gone wrong, Franz Beckenbauer has come out with a statement criticising the decision by Blatter to hold the goal-line technology.

Instead of using technology, Blatter decided to bring in two extra officials in Champions League matches, which have been of some use only. These referees have yet again shown that there are a number of mistakes occurring with human interference, which can be eliminated by the use of technology. Franz Beckenbauer spoke about the use of goal-line technology after Bayern Munich controversially won the match against Stuttgart. Mario Gomez scored two goals for Bayern Munich, but the controversy of the win has created a huge uproar in Germany.

“Football is a simple game with simple rules. It should remain like that. The human aspect should not be ignored. They could see whether somebody fouls or pulls a jersey. There are systems that are so fast and can make difficult things much easier. We are at a stage where we can use such technology,” he said when asked about the prospect of using technology in football. Franz Beckenbauer is widely regarded to be the greatest defender ever to grace the game, and also was regarded as one of the best managers for Germany.

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