Cruyff vs Beckenbauer

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25 Responses to “Cruyff vs Beckenbauer”

  1. saltyninja Says:

    For those who don’t speak German at the end even though his team won Beckenbauer is very humble and says: “Sure I wanted to win best player, but we had such a great year and I think coming in second to Johan isn’t such a bad thing.”

  2. E7022 Says:

    E P I C O

  3. maccgginess Says:

    @eetjaarem yup Barca play like Cruff style they never lost the ball, The team that i support.

  4. eetjaarem Says:

    @RzRLT Germany plays well nowadays, but that was different in the past.

    Cruyff said that about during the WC only. And I suggest he looks more carefully at Barca, diving twats.
    The game against Arsenal was a disgrace.

    Holland doesn’t have a strong competition indeed. But we are good at scouting and training (Ajax). We got players playing at the best clubs in the world. Not only do they play there, they make the difference. VDV at Spurs, RVP at Arsenal Robben at BM, Sneijder at Inter etc

  5. RzRLT Says:

    of course everyone loves “latin” style of football not defensive as germans so say cruyff , but backbauer won twice as player and as coach what cruyff didn’t so i gotta say he’s MORE experienced . Why i born to late and didn’t saw they playing live :{{{{{

  6. RzRLT Says:

    @eetjaarem Point is that Germans always was good they play they own style and always wins smth different from holand they don’t have strong clubs,cruyff told that he don’t even like own country national team at the moment. Im not from germany or holland but fact is one Germany is better as football country doesn’t metter how much u love football they always are strong and ready

  7. RzRLT Says:

    @greffner best painter was da vinci. His monalisa most succesfull Portrait all the time.

  8. IchbinderHeinrich Says:

    @greffner yes you can . Cruyff changed football, Van Gogh changed painting, end of fucking story. These are facts not fucking opinions.

  9. eetjaarem Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity Yes, but nobody can MATCH them. There are a few teams who play combination football aswell (like Arsenal, the team I support). But nobody can play it so well as Barca. The match against Real (5-0) was just perfect, absolutely perfect. This Barca in form is probably the best team ever.

    Ask Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard from who they learned the most ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cruyff.

  10. devilshaircutnessity Says:

    @eetjaarem thats just my oppinion but in the early 90ยดs for example AC milan played the perfect catenacho one single game the opponentstrikers ran like 20 times into offside coz milans defense was just perfect coordinated and balanced..NO team ever played such a good defense style until now, but many teams playe loke barce in the past!!

  11. devilshaircutnessity Says:

    @eetjaarem thats right but i still think that the italian catenacho style for example (defending style) is more difficult to play like the attacking style in of barca or arsenal..dortmund plays both parts in perfection..they have shoot 54 goals and just let 14 goals in!! 24 games,14 goals against..thats a perfect defense!

  12. eetjaarem Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity And you were talking about defensive football, not the type of football Dortmund plays btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. eetjaarem Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity That is because they have been for so long at Barca. Youth academies, that’s what it’s all about. Xavi said in an interview that they adopted the Ajax system. They play football after Cruyff. Xavi is a great admirer of Cruyff. He talks exactly like him, he shares the same vision. It was Cruyff who rebuild Barca’s youth academy. It is the key to the great football played at Barcelona. Of course you need the right talented players. But it is still Cruyff who is all behind it.

  14. eetjaarem Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity I was talking about the German national team of 74……

    Dortmund plays very well indeed and I watched them playing BM. ( 1-3) Few other games aswell ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But Barca plays so well, no team can match that. Dortmund hasn’t got Xavi and Iniesta. Those guys aren’t just great on the ball, but they see every single movement on the pitch. There vision can’t be matched by any player in the world today.

  15. devilshaircutnessity Says:

    @eetjaarem well you obviously didnt watch one single match of borussia dortmund!! cause at the moment BVB plays even BETTER like fucking barca!!

  16. chanchalarescue Says:


  17. eetjaarem Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity “When you have the ball you don’t need to defend. Because there is only 1 ball.” Cruyff

    What do you think is harder, playing like Barca or playing like, let’s say…Inter.

    Barca of course. Every idiot can defend, watch those tiny Spanish clubs. Nobody can play like Barca atm.

  18. eetjaarem Says:

    Beckenbauer: “Cruyff is a better player, but I won the world cup.”

    Cruyff: “Even in a few decades from now people will talk about the Dutch team of “74. Nobody will remember the Germans”

    Exactly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. chancesareshewears Says:

    The greatest international team of all time, better than Brasil, Barcelona owe everything to this Dutch team. The best team often loses but, when we break it down, we can recognise the best

  20. feyenoordben Says:

    @evropekon Who????

  21. juvemagicthebest Says:

    what is the name of song at top of movie??? thanks

  22. moluksefreefighter01 Says:

    @devilshaircutnessity LOOOOOOOL clearly you dont know nothing about FOOTBALL , go watch some tennis or golf , cuz football is not your thing!

  23. devilshaircutnessity Says:

    whats the name of the first song?! i like it! and beckenbauer was better than cruyff because defending is much more difficult than attacking!!

  24. 34ytrhtrghrf Says:

    alguien puede decirme lo que Vicente del Bosque dice sobre cruyyf?

  25. zezizarjaars Says:


    Cruyff 4 Beckenbauer 0