Dante is regarded to be a solid player

The 31 year old Brazilian defender of Bayern Munich, Dante is regarded to be a solid player as he is a consistent player for the German club and has helped his club in winning 2 successive Bundesliga titles as well as a Champions League silverware during the 2012-13 season. Dante has lifted a lot more trophies with Bayern Munich in these past few years with consistently high level performances in each season.

Dante suffered a recent slip-up when performing for Bayern Munich during their Champions League match against Porto as the Brazilian defender was one of the reasons on why his club lost 1-3 after locking horns with the Portuguese club.

Bayern Munich are one of the favorites on winning the Champions League in this season but on April 15 they were shockingly defeated against Porto in the 1st leg of the quarter-finals of the European competition and Dante can be blamed for this disastrous result as he made a disastrous performance after allowing Ricardo Quaresma to pick up the ball and score the opening goal of the match.

The former star of Bayern Munich, Franz Beckenbauer had a few things to say concerning the match that was played between Bayern Munich and Porto as the retired player stated that every player in the squad of Pep Guardiola performed below their usual level but Dante was the worst of them all.

Franz Beckenbauer said: “It doesn’t get any worse. Not seen a single Bayern player who showed his normal form. It was a dark night. When you have a keeper playing badly or a defender playing badly that is not unusual. But in this match they all ‘worked together’ to achieve this result.Well, Dante. He just needs to stop the ball. Were he from Iceland, or from the North Pole, then I would say he still had his ski boots on. But like that: ‘terrible’.”

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