England V Germany 2010 Lampard goal disallowed Wayne Rooney Franz Beckenbauer

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25 Responses to “England V Germany 2010 Lampard goal disallowed Wayne Rooney Franz Beckenbauer”

  1. andyrew1231 Says:

    I like that very hes a legend

  2. andyrew1231 Says:

    Michal Owen would of scored if he had gone to the world cup he’s such a legend he’s got that goal in him great positng great awareness OK he’s a bit old but that give him experience capello a nob for never picking him

  3. DonBurroni Says:

    gona win it

  4. DonBurroni Says:

    @turnerb ha ha ah best vid ever

  5. DonBurroni Says:

    50/ 50

  6. jakeyalmighty Says:

    carnt stand scouser accents

  7. lucski23 Says:

    best vid on the tube

  8. turnerb Says:

    lol best vid on the tube

  9. hamburguesadoble Says:


  10. K6C10 Says:

    @anvoloe not in the war tho! hahahaha JOKE! LAMPARD! GOAL!

  11. DonBurroni Says:

    @slickproductions123 WAZZA KING OF England

  12. slickproductions123 Says:

    Wyane Ronney new ENFLAND MANAGER! Thumbs up

  13. tommy3lions Says:

    chucklin away to mesel now

  14. RobiTotal90 Says:


  15. DonBurroni Says:

    @GNRule123 h aha ah, Heskey for the win

  16. RegoMusic Says:

    haha dont post comments like that then!

  17. GNRule123 Says:

    Heskey would have got golden boot if it wasnt for the Effin’ Jabulani 😉

  18. lakin90 Says:

    @anvoloe and u suck dick dick fuckin gay

  19. anvoloe Says:

    england sucks

  20. MichaelJacksonShamo Says:

    @TheLahmfan247, You’ll always have opinions against England hidden behind your computer, big man. ROFL!

  21. TheLahmfan247 Says:

    wow england sucks big balls

  22. shahar4758 Says:

    @queueupladeez fuck you stupid nazi

  23. soccergrace10 Says:

    @spike0linkx uh no ur stupid i liv in ny but i AM german idiot

  24. spike0linkx Says:

    @soccergrace10 your not german a german would say football stupid.

  25. Tibialmario Says:

    @ImYourTV DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!