Franz Beckenbauer

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13 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer”

  1. irvinquintana Says:

    @hedigilmour1 Te hace falta conocer mas sobre futbol

  2. HoSayLiaoLah Says:

    That was a backpass at 1.37!!!

  3. Luger911 Says:

    Achtung Beckenbauer!

  4. manya405 Says:

    @hedigilmour1 como que no habia tantas marcas???? como pensas vos que los defensas maracaban a jugadores como Pele, Didi, Artime, Gento, Eusebio, Bobby Charlton, Duncan Edwards, Spencer, Schiaffino, Sivori, Ghiggia, Oscar Miguez, Zizinho, Gerd Muller,etc

  5. metroduced Says:


  6. cecycecy92 Says:

    lui e scirea i due liberi -e non solo- più grandi della storia..
    stima infinita per questo grande giocatore…

  7. fidorulez17 Says:

    I luv this player…he is the icon for the german

  8. hedigilmour1 Says:

    alto jugador, se la bancaba bien eeh..
    en esas epocas por ahi no habia tanta marca en zona riguroza pero se la re bancab a el kaiser

  9. humpadihump Says:

    jo, grüss gott.
    I bin da……

  10. nantan Says:

    her ist the best on deustchland

  11. jensfrank Says:

    “also, isch würd mal sagen Tor des Monats oder Tor des Spieltages…”
    😉 herrlich…!

  12. elemenoelemeno Says:

    no, he was a “libero” (free role of the field). He would be found anywhere from near the defence, midfield, attack.

    sweeper = guy in the old german and italian defensive systems that played behind the defensive line and swept up and marshalled the defence.

  13. kakahass Says:

    lol and hes a sweeper DER KAISER