Franz Beckenbauer – A Celebrity Figure In German Football

Franz Beckenbauer of Berlin holds accomplishments of having won the World Cup during his playing days as well as when he was a coach, welcomed Didier Deschamps also in the ring of similar achievers in German football.

Beckenbauer played like a player with West Germany and won the World Cup for his country in 1974; he again did so as manager of the team that won the World Cup in the year 1990. Deschamps also showed similar achievements as a player in the year 1998 and triumphed when France beat Croatia in the finals in the World Cup this year. Der Kaiser remarked that it was now three of them with similar achievements for the country. Deschamps holds more similarities with Beckenbauer as he too, was captain when he played and the team won the World Cup. Beckenbauer recollects his experiences and how that helped him later on when he took on the role of coach.

Beckenbauer has definitely gained an iconic position in the world of German football today; as and when he walks into a room there are respectful whispers which showcase his legendary status. The names are few in the world of international football and Franz Beckenbauer can be counted as one of them. He has sat in UEFA and FIFA committees and the time he retired he had completed a 50-year long career in which he played diverse roles including that of a player, manager as well as administrator of high position.

With the Dubai International Sports Conference coming up in January 2nd and 3rd, Beckenbauer is one of the coveted attendees of this conference along with other top stakeholders in the world of international football. This would be the 13th edition of this convention that is held annually every year with celebrated players and administrators as well as experts of the sport attending it.

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