Franz Beckenbauer: A World and German Football Legend


Franz Beckenbauer shaped the history of Bayern Munich. He was later named Der Kaiser, the emperor. He grew up in Giesing which is mostly home to Blues rather than Reds. Beckenbauer is the son of a postal worker and grew up supporting 1860 and hoped to play for them.

He was ready to do so well as well but firstly he faced in 1958 summer while still playing for the local side. The U14 final tournament was a keenly fought affair and he then played as a center forward and had been involved in the running battle with Gerhard Konig, the center-half whose surname in German means king.

The details of the match had been sketchy, several decades on, but what isn’t in dispute is the point that Konig aimed a slap against his opponent It had been after that the incident that Beckenbauer decided that he is going to join Bayern later on, instead of 1860 as planned.

Beckenbauer told that it was fate that they came together and became Red and not Blue. The decision of Beckenbauer is going to change the course of German football, even though they were not allowed to know that at the time. While he started working hard to work his way up through the ranks and Bayern Munich missed out on a place in 1963 in Bundesliga.

League authorities wanted only one Munich to be a part of the top flight that had been created and 1860 Munich got the ticket since they won the 1962-1063 Oberliga Sud. It turned out that the choice was a blessing in disguise for Bayern Munich.

According to the Bayern website the parlous state of the finances, forced the club for dispensing with expensive stars and back players from its youth team and talented players from Bavarian provinces.


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