Franz Beckenbauer im Film “Libero” / 1973

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5 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer im Film “Libero” / 1973”

  1. shahramg1 Says:

    Hi, Thank you for uploading this trailer. It reminds me of my childhood,
    used to watch the whole video so may times. Do you know by any chance how
    could I get the whole video (i.e. uploading somewhere) or if you have the
    movie in full? Please kindly let me know if you have any clue.

  2. shahramg1 Says:

    I searched and it just gives me the option to buy its poster! would you
    please share with me the link you found on Amazon or anywhere else to buy
    the DVD? I highly appreciate it.

  3. MoviemaxMuenchen Says:

    You can order the DVD via amazon. Just search for “libero” and “DVD”.

  4. trierbuffys Says:

    war ein toller film 🙂

  5. niklas leskiehn Says:

    Ich kriege einen Schreikrampf, ist das geil ! Egal ob Filme, Platten oder
    Bücher, alles absolute Spitzenklasse unsere Fussballer und Kaiser Franz
    steht einfach über allem !