Franz Beckenbauer part 2

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18 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer part 2”

  1. SvenskCurtain Says:

    Actually, he first announced he would move to the New York Cosmos and then
    (!) ended his international career, though rather by force: The German FA
    did not welcome players into the national team who played in foreign
    countries (much) – especially if it was such a lightweight retirement home
    as the US league was or at least viewed as back then.

  2. William Orellana Says:

    Most complete(offense and defense) player ever in my opinion and certainly
    the best sweeper.

  3. junkybabes Says:

    Brilliant player. the position he played is the way to attack, playing out
    from the back or dribbling it forward and playing a short pass… not this
    hoofing it up the pitch which so many premier lge defenders do…

  4. Eirik Standahl Says:

    @HGLinkous80 Beckenbauer was a leader and a player that both was crative
    forward and the best sweeper of all times. pele, maradona, messi, ronaldo
    all are brilliant forward, but nobody of them was as balaced and brilliant
    both overall on the pich as der kaiser.. 🙂

  5. el84oro Says:

    i understand your point, it has to do with priority though….all those
    players you mentioned were attackers/forwards, beckenbauer was a
    sweeper/center back who also had offensive attributes….on his team you
    could compare muller to the names you mentioned ( muller was not as dynamic
    as any of those but he scored more goals than any of them besides
    pele)….beckenbauer can be compared to the likes of roberto carlos, cafu ,
    maldini, lucio etc…

  6. d00lz123 Says:

    As a complete player,yes,he is one of the best if not the best.But the best
    attacking player ever is Messi.

  7. AnjoPanjo5398 Says:

    this is the story about his football life, not how he lived, how his
    familis had it, this is a football vid -_-, think next time u write
    something down to me

  8. Justin Son Says:

    You said “soccer”. Your opinions don’t count here.

  9. fabelle86 Says:

    A true legend!

  10. bmf439 Says:

    the most complete player EVER! this guy could do anything. he was defender
    AND playmaker! this guy was also fast as hell and was one of the best
    headers i’ve ever seen

  11. Emily Tina Says:

    koeman > beckenbauer

  12. Ivan Martinez Says:

    because you just watched his life story? O____o

  13. AnjoPanjo5398 Says:

    im a 14 year old boy and dam i havent even seen franz play football (in
    real life) and i miss him i dont know why it feels like i have known him my
    hole life 😛 great player got tears from these 2 vids.

  14. wahdncx Says:

    Can you try and find dalglish’s one mate? cheers for uploading anyway

  15. Alltimeboxing Says:

    Most complete I dont know.. Di Stefano, Duncan Edwards were extremely
    complete players. Beckenbauer didnt have a good stamina which doesnt make
    him one of the most complete ever. But I think he was certainly one of the
    most if not the most intelligent player ever and THE definition of a
    Captain. I can cite a few players better than him with the ball but I
    cannot think of a better definition of the captain, the boss on the field.

  16. torcida split Says:

    Beckenbauer and Pele are two best players in history of football.

  17. William Orellana Says:

    @HGLinkous80 obviously reading comprehension is not your strong suit…I
    never said most explosive or even the best offensively…I said most
    “COMPLETE”(OFFENSE AND DEFENSE)…Pele,Maradona,Ronaldo etc. are better no
    question on offense but never played a lick of defense…this guy not only
    played defense but dominated…enough said

  18. Henry Linkous Says:

    @salvi1979 Sorry guy, he may have been talented but was not as explosive of
    a player as any of the Brazilians :((, I refuse to jump on the band wagon
    solely on his name and reputation, believe me when I say the verdict is
    still out on this guy… to rank him in the same category and stature as
    maradona and Pele, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho seems like soccer blasphemy, but
    you have to be a complete and dynamic POWERFUL player to understand this 😀