Franz-Beckenbauer-Preis 1990

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3 Responses to “Franz-Beckenbauer-Preis 1990”

  1. MatzeVids Says:

    I hope my English´s not too bad… And Beckenbauer is not the “founder” of this price. This I´ve translated wrong. He just gave his name for the price. And that´s why he´s wondering that the company adidas chose him.

  2. MatzeVids Says:

    They´re talking about the “Franz-Beckenbauer-Price”:

    Franz Beckenbauer says: The company adidas thought about this price and he´s wondering that they thought about him (Beckenbauer) as the “founder” of this price as he says in Germany are many sportsmen who would be worth to be the guys a price is named after. Te aim of this price is to call someone who made something special in sports. A council decides the person to win this price. This person is Roger Miller. (spoken like “Roshei Miller”)

  3. Littlemisshavoc Says:

    Can anybody translate into English what he said?