Franz Beckenbauer – The Art of Defending

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6 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer – The Art of Defending”

  1. Abrumada Says:

    Very High Class!!

  2. speedy3702 Says:

    @primemoralesno1 I think that at that time the sweeper was a much more important position then the defensive midfielder. So maybe it made sense on those days to have such a talented player as a sweeper. But if Beckenbauer would play today, I am pretty sure that he would be a defensive midfielder.

  3. primemoralesno1 Says:


    As good as Beckenbauer was in defence, I think his talent is kinda wasted there, Id play him as a defensive midfielder.

  4. macrocec Says:

    @GordonMorrice what a good question!!!
    maybe varela from uruguay, he wasnt exquisite like beckenbauer but he was amazing

  5. ronwallasey Says:

    Djalma Santos certainly, who was an artist on the ball. It was more likely for full backs like D.Santos to be sound with the ball, for they were used as offensive threats as well. For central defenders, it was a rare feature, though, because their job predominantly was to mark out the forwards, be tall and strong at heading and generally intimidating, keen tacklers, but less skillful ball players. To have a player of the skill of Beckenbauer play in central defense was unheard of.

  6. GordonMorrice Says:

    Did anyone else defend in this skilful manner before Beckenbauer? Djalma Santos of Brazil?