Franz Beckenbauer vs Peru 1970 By Zouzinho

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18 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer vs Peru 1970 By Zouzinho”

  1. MrAlex83940 Says:

    Could you make some videos of Overath? He was voted as the best midfielder
    in 1970 WC. Or some videos of Gunter Netzer?

  2. moluksefreefighter01 Says:


  3. javidista Says:

    Me encanta este canal de youtube. Great video

  4. Aiyic Says:

    Wtf! Guns N’ Roses after five minutes?

  5. D13GO13 Says:

    Me encanta la idea de poder ver a los que hacen el “trabajo sucio” del
    equipo. Me gustaría ver más defensores y arqueros. Cannavaro, Maldini,
    Baresi, etc.

  6. milchsauger Says:

    isn’t he a little bit selfish?

  7. johan cruijff Says:

    The most talented player to ever play in a defensive position & Germany`s
    best ever player… he`d be my captain in my all time dream team.

  8. Akira Fiorentino Says:

    it looks cooler.

  9. moluksefreefighter01 Says:

    that guy at 0:51, what a ballcontrol and vision LOL

  10. PurePozi Says:

    Please please can you make a Matthias Sammer vs video. He is one of the
    greatest German players of all time, on par with Beckenbauer.

  11. Aiyic Says:

    Sometimes it looks like the ball in not in play because the urgency was
    then, not what it is now. Strange to see such slow movement.

  12. moluksefreefighter01 Says:

    Der Kaiser!

  13. 14mooler Says:

    In his own biography he says: his feet position relative to his body are to
    some degree ” inward” instead of being straight like most people. As a
    result, it is more easier for him to pass the ball with the outside of his
    foot. He does it unconsciously.

  14. MrAlex83940 Says:

    Very cool of you to post this, and the music suits perfectly.

  15. Aliuddin Azizi Says:

    Imagine Cruijff and Beckenbauer in the same team

  16. chefun22 Says:

    El Kaiser!!!

  17. gonzo1483 Says:

    One of the all-time greats, but sometimes he passes with the outside of his
    foot for no apparent reason. This is strange because he’s a very efficient
    player otherwise.

  18. soccer3357 Says:

    please more videos of beckenbauer