Franz Beckenbauer

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25 Responses to “Franz Beckenbauer”

  1. b12runcorn Says:

    adidas brought me here

  2. jacobygreenwood Says:

    He is the best defender in the history of the sport of course.

  3. SlipKnoTZoKi Says:

    jo sicherlich jo freilich jo hallo freunde 😀



  5. eselcen Says:

    one of the best

  6. MajorNuttela14 Says:

    @primemoralesno1 i know im replying 5 months late.but the best part of being a defender, is that nobody knows wat offensive capabilities you have. players like beckanbauer were two players in one. a centre back, and an offensive player. anyone would want that in their team. if he were a midfielder, ppl would mark him, see him more as a threat. i mean, can you seriously mark off a defender? its impossible, but a mid you can. he was granted freedom thanks to his position, and it worked

  7. seka1986 Says:

    NY COSMOS #6

  8. KookieKrunchCongo Says:

    @primemoralesno1 A Sweeper is an old school defensive midfielder

  9. KookieKrunchCongo Says:

    When people say becks, most people think beckham, i think of der Kaiser

  10. MegasAlexandros28 Says:

    @VIPawesome lol! hahahahaha …. that was mean but hilarious …. hahahaha!

  11. lorhanmaki Says:

    Who is the man who makes the face of astonishment and admiration at the beginning of the video

  12. PSVmaxCool Says:

    So? I wasnt talking about the number of prices they won, but about the style of football, and Germans are stiff , Brazilians have the style of football i enjoy the most. (together with Dutch)

  13. markyboyire Says:

    der `kaiser

  14. markyboyire Says:

    @PSVmaxCool samba is a dance isnt it ? germany have proven them selves many many times, more world cup semis and finals than any other team , yes they only won it 3 times so far but they are involved in the final more than any other country including brazil and italy

  15. MrMofo4eva Says:

    @omario8816 how has he become bitter?? he looks like the coolest old man and a jolly 1 even in this video hes kicking the ball around in his suit and looks great for his age. u wud be lucky to have a grandad like the KAISER

  16. PSVmaxCool Says:


    Your so damn right, Beckenbauer is stiff, the Brazilians are the samba

  17. KookieKrunchCongo Says:

    @KookieKrunchCongo in the alonso breed

  18. KookieKrunchCongo Says:

    In modern day he would be a Defensive Mid

  19. gusweka Says:

    @VIPawesome Why?

  20. VIPawesome Says:

    never put thissong on any vid exept for brasilian vid please

  21. chrizzz130 Says:

    very good defence player

  22. Vivekmaru45 Says:

    The only LEGEND I know who won the World Cup both as a player and as a coach of the German nation team.

    He is truly speaking the “KING OF KINGS” of football. Many will come and many will go, but he will be the “ONE AND ONLY ONE”.

    I used to watch all my German Bundesliga on Transtel’s FOOTBALL MADE IN GERMANY. It was awesome to watch during the Eighties……….

    Email me if you are a football fan like me.

  23. wellslash01 Says:

    THE KAISER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. omario8816 Says:

    The Kaiser! A great player in his day but he’s become very bitter in his old age.

  25. bucketheaduk Says:

    i love beckenbauer but mario zagalo also won world cup as player and manager