Franz Beckenbauer’s Champions League predictions went disastrously wrong

The club president of Bayern Munich, Franz Beckenbauer recently voiced his thoughts concerning which teams are going to win the Champions League of this season and according to the former footballer, either Barcelona or Bayern Munich were going to make it into the finals of the European competition, unfortunately for Beckenbauer none of those teams managed to reach the finals of the Champions League as both of them were knocked out in the semi-finals.

Beckenbauer revealed that he is a Barcelona fan as he enjoys the style of play from the Spanish club and that Lionel Messi is simply the best player out there right now.

“The way they Barcelona play football is very unique and entertaining, I certainly consider myself a Barcelona fan. The reason for their success has a name: Leo Messi. He is simply the best.I wish I can see Messi and his Barcelona play in Milan in the final against Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich will win 5-4 on penalties in the end though!” Bayern Munich’s Franz Beckenbauer said as he praised Lionel Messi and stated that he would like to see Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the finals.

In the semi-finals of the Champions League, Bayern Munich faced off with Athletic Madrid and the aggregate scoreboard was 2-2 but the Spanish club came out on top with the victory thanks to away goals. Barcelona on the other hand was not even able to make it past the quarter-finals as they also lost against Athletic Madrid.

The finals of the Champions League are now scheduled to take place on May 28 with Athletic Madrid locking horns against Real Madrid in San Siro, Milan.




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