Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer has said that he is of the opinion that Bayern Munich should sign Sami Khedira in the summer because he is the kind of player they need at the moment. The club have now lost in the Champions League final stages on two occasions in the last three seasons. They are extremely desperate to win the next Champions League title that will put them level with Liverpool. Despite having a very strong team that includes the likes of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, Franz Beckenbauer has said that the team needs a player like Sami Khedira in order to go to the next level.

The German legend has said that Bayern Munich passed up the opportunity to sign the Germany midfielder when he was available for a transfer. The former Stuttgart player joined his current club Real Madrid only a few seasons ago after performing extremely well at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He showed extremely matured performances at the Euro 2012, and Beckenbauer has said that the German club should put all their efforts in bringing back the former Stuttgart player back to Germany. There has been a lot of criticism upon the current Bayern Munich team after failing to take the opportunities in the Champions League final against Chelsea.

“Khedira is one of those prototypes – one who is prepared to sacrifice himself for the sake of the team. You can hardly find those kinds nowadays, and you really need players like that in your team. I have not been pleased with the last two years for Bayern. If you only give 70 or 80% of your potential, then that is just not enough – and that is the problem,” said Franz Beckenbauer. Even though Real Madrid signed him for less than £ 15 million, he could cost upwards of £ 30 million now.

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