No Bribes Offered – Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer, a German legend has been persistent in not disclosing who he voted for during the 2010 ballot.

He has been saying that he has nothing to hide and has refused to reveal if he voted for Russia or Qatar. He has also denied the fact that he was offered a bribe by either side to vote in their favor to conduct the World Cup.

He has been allegedly accused of corruption since the 2010 ballot after which he has not revealed things. He has called for an anticipated report of the bidding process by the FIFA and has been insisting that he had nothing to hide. When questioned if anybody had tried or had bought his vote he said that it was a clear no. He has denied to have been influenced in any way by anyone for his vote. He has simply said that what were was being said never really happened. Once a great player and manager is now being named by almost everyone as the one who has leaked emails. He has given away the details of the activities of some of the football senior figure before the vote of 2010.

It has been reported that a year prior to the 2010 vote Franz had traveled to Qatar to meet a former FIFA executive committee member who had been disgraced and also the country’s Emir. He had again been spotted as a member being invited by them after a period of five months. But the incorporation of Franz and denial of facts made him get banned by FIFA. The legend has not declared about the vote f 2010 ever in public but has hinted about backing Australia in the race of 2022 in the first round. Franz has firmly said that there is no evidence that the 2010 vote was corrupt.

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