A host of the biggest clubs in Europe are undergoing quality bleed out in their coaching departments and former Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger believes Jose Mourinho has what it takes to bring back his beloved club to glory.

Notwithstanding the close to zero odds of that happening when you have staunch traditionalists like Franz Beckenbauer and UliHoeness at the club, the low talent in the vast pool of coaching schools and available markets in Europe may mean that Bayern Munich does not have much of a choice.

For years Franz Beckenbauer and his pal has taken it upon themselves to ensure that Bayern Munich and by extension, German football gets run on their own frame but the recent events happening at the Allianz Arena that led to the sack of their manager plus the decline after the world cup in Brazil means that sooner than later, the old dogs will get used to giving up their control on all important decisions.

Mourinho has been out of job since leaving Manchester United last year and Arsenal and Bayern have been yearning to be taken over by a man who knows what it means to manage a big club.

The former Chelsea coach has experienced successful management of clubs at the highest level in England, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Germany feels and remains like his next natural bus stop. For a career that began close to 2 decades ago, it is going to feel like Germany missed out on something big if Mourinho misses out on bringing his flaws and beauty to the theatre of Bavaria or at least Dortmund. Maybe.

Schweinsteiger was at United when Mourinho took over. He was never the Portuguese’s favorite but the former World Cup winner remains adamant that he is the perfect man to replace Niko Kovac.

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