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Meeting Franz Beckenbauer today before #Socceroos game. Going to get him drunk and tell us what really happened to #ausbid. Can’t wait.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Meeting Franz Beckenbauer nowadays just before #Socceroos game. Heading to get him drunk and inform us what truly occurred to #ausbid. Can&apost wait. – by FFAPR (Fake FFA)

Tell You The History Of Football Game

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Report by melissazhang

In contemporary society,sports activities have grow to be the most critical apart in people’s lifestyle.If I inquire you how several sports activities you know,possibly you will tell me several just like:basketball,football,volleyball,Hockey and so on.Today I will introduce one particular of them–football.Soccer is an ancient activity with a lengthy historical past.It is originated in historic China as a ball game”Cuju” and spread to Europe by means of the Arabs,then it developed into modern football.Several nations regard soccer as “national sport”.Football is a sports activities items which key dominated by feet,mainly two teams conduct offense and defense at the identical venue.A wonderful football game attracts thousands of audience,now it has turn into an crucial material of television programs.News concerned football sports activities which account for all the world’s press.In modern society,The football game has grow to be an integral aspect of people’s existence. In 1950, The jersey numbers appeared for the 1st time in the Earth Cup. Given that then, the tale of quantity has been broadly discussed amid followers.In the not quite long heritage of the earth Cup.each amount has designed a large quantity of stars and fascinating activities.Right here,I will show you some numbers and the meaning of them.For instance: Number twenty–the cradle of genius.Ronaldo wore No.twenty jerseys when he win the Earth Cup in Brazil in 1994.In 1982,Rossi,who narrowly inaccessible to win the Globe Cup scored six goals in the game.All these make certain that the Italian group won the game. Number 10–The King of football.No.ten indicates that the core of the team,the team’s organizer, or the finest player in the staff.Just like following stars:Zidane,Owen,Leonardo,Bailey and so on.These well-known stars will make number10 be the king. Quantity 5–sophisticated aristocrat.In 1974, Franz Beckenbauer let this number by the consideration, He was considered to be Julius Caesar.In 1990, Augenthale continues this custom.In 1994, one more one particular wears a No.5 with classy–He is Redondo. Football game acquire the qualities of all variety of human sports activities.The sudden motion and competing to run ball among athletes just like a sprinterThe goalkeeper jump and down just like jumping itemsThe athletes with good flexibility stunning more than-head just like gymnasticsThe fair collision involving two athletes just like rugby demonstration of power and splendor.It is no doubt that soccer will be the world’s most well-known sports.

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2010 FC Bayern vs Real Madrid Penalty Kick (Franz Beckenbauer Farewell Game)

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

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