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AFP: France’s civil strife upgrade, the team stop training

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Article by qiongyi vivi

An official of the French Football Federation disclosed to reporters, the French team refused to show up at a public training session which arranged on Sunday collectively.

In accordance to this official named Valentine, the French crew upgrade civil strife, all the group members even refused to participate in coaching, Valentine mentioned it is France’s shame: “This is the scandal of the French group, these young players developed the greatest scandal for French football crew, they refuse to coaching, which is entirely unacceptable! ” whilst Valentine express his anger to reporters and instantly resignation, he said he could not tolerate humiliation:” It’s all about, I have resigned,their actions manufactured individuals sick and I can not stand for it any a lot more. “

This strike of avoid training occurred the following day when Anelka back residence. On Sunday afternoon, the French crew arrived to the training ground as normal, the players have got off to greet to the enthusiasts, but Domenech and captain Evra keep in the bus automobile and chat, Domenech and Evra received off the bus, and the fitness coach Du Weini of was placing the staff teaching devices on the coaching ground. Even so Evra went straight to Du Weini and had a heated argument, Domenech rushed to quit this, but Du Weini was angry, and the paperwork severely fell to the floor.

Evra then gave a letter to the press officer, and with all players return to the automobile, and pull up the curtain. The crew introduced they quit instruction. About 200 fans began to exit.

It is estimated that Domenech will have to clarify this statement for this.Beckenbauer: France is the most disappointing staff in Earth Cup, they are not competent to play football in World Cup

Following blamed greatly to England, the German football legend player Franz Beckenbauer in turn blame the inadequate performance of the French crew in the Earth Cup of South Africa. When he attend the 18th interview, he mentioned, the French team are not qualified to South Africa.

Beckenbauer said: “This French team is the most disappointing team in World Cup. From type of their play, they do not have the qualifications to appear to South Africa. Watching their match is like observing a warm-up match. “

Beckenbauer also mentioned France does not not like a crew, it is just a motley bunch, “this group make people experience they have not any vitality.”

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