The History of FIFA World Cup Trophy

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In purchase to award the winner of the FIFA Earth Cup Champion, two trophies have sculpted victory considering that the starting of the Planet Cup in 1930: one particular is the Jules Rimet Cup from 1930 to 1970, and the other is the FIFA World Cup from 1974 to now.

Jules Rimet Cup

The Globe Cup was founded in 1930 by Frenchman Jules Rimet, the creator of the world championship video games. The champion cup, 35 cm in height, three.8 kg in weigh and pure gold, the sculpture featured Nike of Samothrace (the Greek goddess of Victory) was intended by Abel Lafleur who was a French sculptor. This cup was typically acknowledged as the Earth Cup or Coupe du Monde, and it was officially renamed “Jules Rimet Cup (Trophy) to memory the Jules Rimet. This cup as a trophy for winning the Football World Cup handed on to every single winner and the group to win the tournament three instances received to preserve it. And the 1st crew to be awarded this prize were Uruguay, the winners of the 1930 Earth Cup. Even so, the Cup had ever before stolen in 1966 and found a handful of days latter. So the Football Association produced a replica of the trophy secretly for use in the celebrations as a protection measure. The Brazilian staff won the tournament for the 3rd time in 1970, allowing them to keep the actual trophy in perpetuity, as had been stipulated by Jules Rimet in 1930. But, the cup was without a doubt stolen at very last and it has never ever been recovered. Folks made a replica with 1.eight kg of gold which was presented to the Brazilian president in 1984.

FIFA Planet Cup

Consequently, a alternative trophy was commissioned by FIFA Earth Cup for 1974. After this news was noticed to the world, there have been so many developed from different nations were received. At very last, they hit 1 as the ultimate trophy that is a submission from an Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga. The trophy depicts two human figures keeping up the Earth, it also described as two triumphant athletes keeping a world in their raising fingers at the moment of victory. The trophy stands 36.five cm in height, six.2 kg in weight and created of 18 carat strong gold and two layer of malachite and was founded in 1971 and initial presented at the 1974 FIFA Globe Cup to the winner West German captain Franz Beckenbauer. This beneficial FIFA Earth Cup will be engraved with the name of the winning country and the year of their Planet Cup victory in the bottom side.

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