zinedine zidane top 10 goals 1080P

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5 Responses to “zinedine zidane top 10 goals 1080P”

  1. DJerem13 Says:

    Ce mec était vraiment magique ! Aime si tu penses que c’est un des meilleurs joueurs de l’histoire du foot !

  2. Johan Jon Says:

    Zidane could shoot rockets with both feets, i can i bet messi can’t shoot with his rubber right foot he only scores with his left.

  3. 8dreadLock8 Says:

    I love how almost all the goals are from the left food lol

  4. MaestroOren Says:

    Месси и Роналдо нервно курят в сторонке.

  5. TheZangetsu888 Says:

    just noticed that most of his top notch goals were left footed, well impressive as always from the french/algerian legend and thank you mrdraal for uploading such an awesome video of an awesome person on and off the pitch 🙂