Adidas Soccer Jose +10 part 1 and 2

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25 Responses to “Adidas Soccer Jose +10 part 1 and 2”

  1. jumbo31x Says:

    como se llama esta cancion

  2. leandroriba Says:

    el pibito es mas rapido que riquelme jajajajaj

  3. socaexpress Says:

    coincidence lampard took the winning shot.

  4. marcelllo183 Says:

    sehr geil!

  5. csvicio1 Says:

    jojojo jugaban con los pibes del barrio

  6. schoolyouinsoccer Says:

    @pussiestroker Spanish my friend

  7. pussiestroker Says:

    What language are the boys speaking in?

  8. zack793 Says:

    my best

  9. smash37 Says:

    Remind my the germany World cup… good memory, expet for the final…

  10. sassy123gurl Says:

    this commercial is so funny
    i like it….

  11. rabas98 Says:

    Imposible nothing makes me shiver

  12. Cheesiethecheese Says:

    lol @ sydney crosby at 1:08

  13. Azulcrema1010 Says:

    Kaka go sit down! Jose layin the law

  14. gbbttt Says:

    lol Beckenbauer !
    – Beckenbauer ?! -_-

  15. IntensePizza Says:

    The idea of this commercial is so frick’in sweet!

  16. LangobardorumEtrusco Says:

    Kahn is like nein nein xD

  17. brujahramirez Says:

    ” sorry ;D ” hahahahahahahahah

  18. toxav Says:

    I dream i can do that…^^

  19. CrzyIrv69 Says:

    yea i know hahaha what an idiot

  20. 94JCD94 Says:

    what is the song?

  21. barcakid86 Says:

    best soccer commercial ever along with the brasil vs portugal, where they freestyle before the game

  22. greenhondacivic1997 Says:

    best pub ever hihihihihi

  23. Andreadelez Says:


  24. Doctor0ctagon Says:

    He took Kaka off for Damien Duff LOL

  25. sarah2853 Says:

    yea the background music is ace too