Beckenbauer wants Offside Changed

Franz Beckenbauer, now one of UEFA’s most powerful and influential executives, has spoken of his desire to get the off-side ruled changed – because it’s simply too confusing!

Back when Franz was a player the rule was that the most forward attacking player had to have at least two players between him and the oppositions goal-line to be onside, but these days a much more convoluted and complicated rule applies. Thesedays, a player can be stood in an off-side position but not deemed to be ‘interfereing with play’ and it’s here where the confusion lies – at what point does a ‘passive’ player became an ‘active’ player?

“In my time, it was very simple, offside was offside – it didn’t matter where the ball was. It’s a nonsense now, it’s too complicated” said der Kaiser.

Thankfully its something that Beckenbauer is trying to solve, with his latest UEFA committe looking at alternatives. “We looked at the interpretation of Law 11, about active and passive players in the meeting. We were tasked with coming up with suggestions for a clear, understandable rule by the next meeting. Hopefully we can clarify a few things.”

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