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25 Responses to “BAYERN MUNICH vs REAL MADRID 0-0 (2-4) PENALTIS PARTIDO AMISTOSO Trofeo Franz Beckenbauer 2010”

  1. itachimix1 Says:

    @betikofran tas equivocado el mejor de todos es lev yashin

  2. Xinolinek Says:

    Haha, 2:20 Altintop is shooting! 😀

  3. pkcool007 Says:

    theres no bwin logo on the real madrid jersey

  4. Jupitter91 Says:

    si hubiera estado nouer la cosa hubiera sido distinta

  5. XxLynnetxX Says:

    no quiero morirme si ver al Bayer campeon de la champions 

  6. 101prasanna Says:

    Black Eyed Peas son I gotta feeling was played on that moment !!!

  7. chrisbokbok Says:

    This was when VDv was in the right team

  8. chrisbokbok Says:

    It’s not luck… They have a great way of training them. in this years team the first 4 goalkeepers are Real Madrid Youths

  9. Pensadormetalero Says:

    el real madrid no sabe jugar, no saben trabajar en equipo, solo son un gran equipo gracias a Casillas que es el unico que hace bien su deber.

  10. Naaattteee23 Says:

    bahah! your a fuckin twat mate, theyre good yeah, but casillas is the best in the world.

  11. xXSanctumXx1 Says:

    ima tell you all madrid lovers better goalkeepers victor valdes,gigi buffon,petr cech,julio cesar,edwin van der sar so dont go around saying cassillas is the best he won the golden glove cause people kiss his ass he doesnt deserve it

  12. KraKe2195 Says:

    @jimilimijimi No

  13. jimilimijimi Says:

    @KraKe2195 si

  14. KraKe2195 Says:

    @jimilimijimi no

  15. KraKe2195 Says:

    @MO10FCB No

  16. MO10FCB Says:

    @kuzi15 Oliver Kahn was the best^^

  17. jimilimijimi Says:

    Manuel Neuer is the fucking best goalkeeper 😉

  18. DarkSalub Says:

    Mierda, donde consigo la camiseta de iker sin la publicidad de bwin, se ve preciosa la camiseta del madrid

  19. q8shiaprince Says:

    madrid best club in the world

  20. arturinhoo11 Says:

    ajajajajaja lo unico q puede ganar el madrid

  21. ShawniBawni Says:

    manuel neuer is brilliant

  22. FBGangster1 Says:

    Manuel Neuer is the best Goalkepper^^

  23. aufderweide1 Says:

    bayern munich is so crap my god

  24. aufderweide1 Says:

    ohh man bayern munich is so crap

  25. xPrimePresident Says:

    damn i wish we had those gol gol gol gol gol keepers in england