Franz Beckenbauer Shows Faith in Jurgen Klopp

Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary German footballer, wants Jurgen Klopp back in Germany. The Bayern legend wants the Liverpool coach to come back in Bayern after his Champions League win. Currently, Niko Kovac is the Bayern coach and is going to continue in this position till 2019. Beckenbauer said that he (Klopp) will return one day and will manage his team. Beckenbauer considers him as one of the World’s best coaches currently available.

The German footballer recalled the Dortmund team of Klopp and considered it as his beginning and he has, since then, refined himself till today after the Liverpool victory. He believes that being a coach of a premier league team is much harder than that of a Bundesliga League. Being a Bundesliga team coach is a much easier task as there are less responsibilities and much assistance which does not deprive you of your strength and gives room to work on it.

On this, the Champions League winning coach Ottmar Hitzfeld said that he doesn’t think that Klopp will leave the reds but rather is likely to extend his contract. Also, he is in the right place and he deserves to be in Liverpool. Replying to Franz, Klopp said that he has no interest in leaving Liverpool and rejected all the speculations.

He said that he has a long contract ahead of him with Liverpool and has no plans to coach for Bayern or Dortmund. Also, Franz and he both like each other but he is not ready to accept his move. He has a contract with the Mersey side for 2022 already and the Liverpool owners may reward him a significant contract after the Champions League win. But Franz wishes best and hopes that one day he will arrive for Bayern and make glory for the team.

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